Ten nternet entrepreneurs popular vocabulary accurate prediction

management activities, a business the most popular vocabulary is the "Internet business" prefix in the Internet, a variety of emerging and traditional industries have a new development. Today, summed up the ten major entrepreneurial hot words to help entrepreneurs grasp the entrepreneurial hot spots in 2016.

A, Internet plus

to raise public finance:

in the broader context, it and the "cognitive surplus" and "sharing economy", stressed that the idle funds together to more valuable and meaningful things. But these are just an ideal state, due to the lack of the corresponding domestic system, mechanism and the environment of growth, the congregation raised model is far from mature. Trust mechanism, distribution mechanism, exit mechanism and other issues can not be resolved through a strange platform or weak relationship.

The application of

raise, is no longer confined to the financial sector, which has been widely used in film and television, home, real estate, hotel, catering and other areas. By Ping An Group and zero one Finance jointly issued the "Internet financial consumer white paper" shows that as of the 3 quarter of 2015, all the chips (including products and to raise public equity raise public support) cumulative scale in 50~80 billion yuan.

two, Internet plus Dining: intelligent

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