How to buy Jeans

jeans are very fashionable dress, a lot of people like to wear, open a jeans store, can not spend too much money, is a small venture. So how to open a jeans store? Today, along with the small series together to learn about the purchase of jeans five tips!

1, understand the version of the type of psychological selection of consumer groups: right here in Guangdong a little lighter color wash jeans, even bleached very white pants have a market in the mainland, but much less so in light. In many places nostalgia style can be sold, but in Yunnan there is a good style of nostalgia to sell. On the plate for (women), local rural market will be larger than the hip of the city.

2, the initial purchase, in order to reduce the pressure of goods, we must remember: style a little more, a little less, sum up a little, low profit.

3, look at the age of the sale of the analysis of the purchase size: the size of a class of students to be small, generally from 24 to 30 or so. If it is for 25 – to 35 years of age, women’s clothing is generally   25 – 32 yards, men’s – 36 – yard. At the same time, we should adjust according to the regional differences, the size of the general size of the north more than the southern region, the size of the relative size of the more people wear. The girls have high waist, waist jeans, low waist points, low waist more popular now, this size should also pay attention to. Southern girls are generally more in the size of the 25-29, the North may be 26-30.

4, the cost of a pair of jeans is mainly composed of fabric cost, processing cost, cost of accessories, water washing cost, circulation cost and labor cost. In these costs, which is false is the textile and garment fabric, do this, as long as the cotton and yarn prices are a little understanding of the people know, a pair of jeans to consume much fabric, which is part of the fabric is multiple, so it is easy to calculate the cost of a pair of jeans fabric. So a pair of jeans in the price of 40 yuan following basically is fake goods.

5, not to sell products, to see how you do it, you know the consumer groups, is also the consumption object, it can decide the direction of your purchase, before this, learn more about some of this thing, like what is popular this year, more simple way is to look at the street. What kind of people wearing jeans, the more into, wear less and less in some of the goods.

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