KNS Conneth strong brand strength

has the strength of the brand to join the project selection, has been a concern of the project. KINISII Genisi? High quality women’s choice of joining the project, favored by consumers! So, the choice of business to join the KINISII Genisi project, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

KINISII Conneth brand to join, enchanting fragrance perfume, red rose red romance, can not help but think of the French romantic female beautiful dress, KINISII is derived from the global fashion trend of the French, the French Department of KINISII clothing Limited company registration, adhering to the French romantic style, sucking the essence of European clothing culture, with its elegant, fashion personality has become one of the world’s endorsement of fashion.

KINISII flying French style, led into the fashion trend in China market, combined with Oriental simple and elegant, elegant temperament Chinese style, advocating natural beauty, Shenzhen Tiancheng, Genisi Garment Co. Ltd. was born. Shenzhen Genisi clothing Limited company has abundant funds, set up a professional, high-quality design, production and sales team, dedicated to the promotion and sales and service China inland areas. Conneth will pay great attention to the French romantic and corporate culture into the clothing design brand management concept, from the planning, organization and marketing are detailed and meticulous pattern, formed the integration style and clothing, image display and sales service.

KINISII is a unique taste, young, confident, the connotation of urban women’s success, has been very focused on soft fabric, comfortable, breathable, at the same time, Taiwan, Hongkong, France, a senior design consultant and designer after years of market exploration and adjustment, will KINISII the feminine style with modern fashion, leisure, life, subtle and unassuming, simple design philosophy and the trend of eclectic, quarterly collaboration in France and Hongkong fashion designer, the international season is most comfortable, exquisite fabrics, blend of oriental classical charm and modern fashion, launched a series of products and perfect combination of diversified collocation, most incisive display of modern female elegant and fashionable life style and charming mature charm, combining fashion and leisure, create Out of KINISII unique new charm.

charm women’s good choice, KINISII Genisi? Start to join KINISII Genisi project, first step to success. If you join the KINISII project of Genisi, very interested in, right up to my advice!

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