Job seekers due to single refused to survive Wang Wang who need strong heart

the current season for college students to apply for a job, recently, but also a female college student job was rejected due to single. Xiao Bian just want to say that today’s single Wang needs much of a strong heart to survive ah! Ladies and gentlemen, to find a job when I remember that he had a boyfriend ah!


"because of the single by the recruitment unit refused, this is my experience the most wonderful thing." Yesterday afternoon at 2:00, 2, Southwestern University, the reporter saw the school graduate student Wei Jing (a pseudonym).

the other asked: "do you have a boyfriend in Chongqing?" "At that time I froze, do not understand why ask this." Hesitated for a moment, Wei Jing Staw Bhai: "no, I’m single." The other side smiled, concluded: you can not stabilize." Say that finish, he put Wei Jing resume pressure in other people’s information, said to her can go.



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