Li Jiacheng entrepreneurial story

from the salesman to the general manager, "a man of credit, there is no more than a credit, lazy, spend money, do not make progress, there will be more opportunities." This is Li Jiacheng’s advice to young people, but also his motto.

after the death of his father, as the eldest son Li Jiacheng quit school for his family, to a watch company to work, then went to a plastic factory as a salesman. Li Jiacheng knew that in order to become a good salesman, the first is hard, followed by a flexible mind. In the days after the sales career, Li Jiacheng will give full play to this trick "". Li Jiacheng works sixteen hours a day when other colleagues work only eight hours a day. Li Jiacheng’s view of "work" is: "for his job, I absolutely whole-heartedly. Never take it as money, go to the boss in person, but take it as a career." In this way, Li Jiacheng spent only one year, the results will be beyond the other six colleagues, becoming the highest turnover salesman. His sales performance was seven times that of the second. At the age of eighteen, he was the boss and was promoted to department manager. A year later, he became the general manager of the sales company. Li Jiacheng also promoted rapid episode: he in the factory as a salesman, never be too busy to night school education. He plans to go to college in the examination after passing the boss to retain the talent, he raised him to the position of general manager.

"Yangtze River" the first storm


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