Fish sushi sushi

as a sushi can when the staple food and be healthy snack food brands, has been very popular with consumers, of course, a sushi restaurant has become one of the many investors want to do business, so today Xiaobian specially for everyone to recommend a good sushi franchise brand – purpose fish sushi, below it introduces the purpose of the details to join fish sushi.

fish sushi join conditions:

1 a legal person, natural person or other organization with legal qualifications. Join fish sushi, such as partnership, partner shall not exceed three people;

2, a good business reputation and integrity, is committed to catering business pioneering courage and tenacity;

3, join the fish sushi, to be familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand, have a certain economic base and investment strength;

4, have good social relations, have strong interpersonal communication, financial management ability;

5, identity management concept aims to fish sushi, obey the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.

fish sushi sushi support:

support: assist headquarters location praise location, decoration, the implementation of enterprise VI, grasp the first hurdle, good shop: shop port, the state of nature, humanistic state, their own conditions, store decoration effect etc..

quickly established stores including: store location, store design, construction scheme, equipment installation, clothing, office supplies and other assistant image support, in one step, realize the headquarters market supply Goods are available in all varieties., with the fastest speed of operation

experience: "fish products aimed for fine training skills training manual", the teacher professional on-site Professor, 7 days into " m


store decoration: senior personnel according to the plan, the supply of decoration plan map, go home directly construction.

opening guidance: professional teachers to explain all the details before the start of the business, do not detour, opened early to make money.

Technology Approval: headquarters for different areas and markets, inherited constantly technology, new product development, free Professor, help partners obtain value-added effect, more to win the market competition ability of the business area, fiery inheritance.

semi refrigerated logistics distribution: car distribution system all over the world, and timely service to every customer, to ensure that the shops consistent from beginning to end. < >

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