Chongqing hot pot which brand recommended to join the hot pot

Chongqing hot pot to join the recommendation, choose to join authentic Chongqing hot pot franchise, which brand to choose to make money? Many entrepreneurs want to know the answer, Chongqing hot pot to join what hot pot is worth your reference, the following Xiaobian recommended for everyone.

A: Linjiangmen bridge old Linjiangmen bridge Hot pot: old Hot pot is Chongqing Jun union Catering Management Co. Ltd is Hot pot technology research and development, research and dissemination of culture Hot pot, Hot pot bottom material processing production, logistics, food brand joined to promote diversified professional catering enterprises.


inherits hundred year old brand heritage classic taste; Hot pot. Is a company to build the first brand of Chinese hot pot chain for corporate vision, heritage of a century old hot pot brand for the mission of the enterprise, in order to seriously adhere to the boss’s name can afford to eat healthy pot.

features: Captain theme Hot pot is Chongqing’s first red culture theme Hot pot, is a leading role for the enterprise mission in the west to let the Oriental food culture, in every year, more than a year good slogan for the enterprise, to do a heart rich human enterprise faith.

today temporarily as we analyze the two, Chongqing joined the Hot pot there are many brands, the market is very much hope that we seriously consider, dragons and fishes jumbled together, want to know more specific but also on everyone down their own understanding, I just for everyone to be a reference.

Through the above two

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