ntroduction to the introduction of the chicken

have you ever wondered why people will have such a description is to describe a person of life is very good, will use the popular hot drink description. Because in the ancient people, this represents a symbol of taste of food, why? Because the original flavor refers to pork, and spicy is the wine, anyway, a good life must be a taste of the embellishment. But Wright is known for winning the chicken market people pro gaze and taste buds. In China there are many places to eat spicy food, a large population, so our customer base is guaranteed. The vast majority of people’s daily staple food, will endure, like rice and wheat. Don’t worry about doing near, in today’s increasingly rich people’s material, eating is no longer to fill the stomach, but friendly environment, taste, service etc..

people who have eaten the whole chicken is always hard to forget. Minced chicken inch, two times in the potato and minced chicken green lettuce, constitutes the famous Wright chicken market. After ten years continuous technical improvements, with dozens of Chinese herbal ingredients are developed. The taste is delicious, spicy, meat is more soft, because the proper use of traditional Chinese medicine, not only to taste delicious, unique scent, more refreshing.

‘s big chicken join the introduction:

Rui chicken market conditions:

1, there are entrepreneurs who have the fortitude character.

2, the Swiss market to join the business must continue to work hard and entrepreneurial passion.

3, willing to accept the company’s culture and management.

4, with investment store funds.

5, the Swiss market investors have good health and moral character.

6, no more than two partners.

7, have certain management ability and decision-making ability.

8, integrity, integrity, and no bad habits.

9, able to identify the concept of management and management of the Swiss chicken.

10, franchisees need to be able to produce, service and other aspects of the acceptance of the requirements of the headquarters of the Swiss market.

11, there is a certain amount of time to manage the store.

‘s big chicken join fee:

brand usage fee: 10 thousand

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