Through the very period entrepreneurship through the threshold and you will succeed

Most of the people

the road of entrepreneurship is very difficult, need to go through a long period of exploration, many entrepreneurs have to survive the early to give up, actually the road of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of difficult stage, but as long as you get past, great possibility of success.

often see a variety of entrepreneurs to speak at the micro-blog and WeChat circle of friends, the style is different, quite worth pondering. "To be useful" heroic, "has been in a canoe" carefree "tower alone at Tianya road" wandering, "to fight off the teeth and swallow the blood" and "tragic, heartbroken people in the world" in despair. Entrepreneurship and marriage are similar, the alien look, everything is good, but personal sorrow and joy, bit by bit, lengnuanzizhi.


said the first stage of entrepreneurship, the first three months is entrepreneurship. This time entrepreneurs tend to have only one idea, this idea has not even formed a product, but did not get the market. This time the entrepreneur is a bit like just on the battlefield of recruits, every day is very excited, to be useful, they can change the world. This time the entrepreneur is either buried in the product, or the development of seed users, or to write a business plan, and then see a variety of angel investors. In general, this time the entrepreneur is relatively easy to "Hi", all day like played chicken, the work efficiency is very high.

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