Taiyuan entrepreneurs ready to receive warm heart red bar

after the entrepreneurial tide is coming, as a young man, is full of confidence? For the majority of young people in the business, when equipped with the government’s preferential policies, will make young people more relaxed, the 2016 economic trend, Taiyuan city of Taiyuan province to the municipal government Small and micro businesses brought warm red, everyone understand?

worry: vigorously carry out the "three red list" system

Taiyuan will implement the power list, the list of responsibilities, the negative list system and the implementation of dynamic management. In the comprehensive arrangement, adjustment, check and optimize the cleaning process based on the items of government functions, legal basis, implementation of the main responsibilities, management process, supervision mode in the power list form to the public responsibility, and administrative power to clarify matters one by one corresponding to the main responsibility, responsibility.

vitality Red: continue to implement the small lift enterprise growth project

the next few years, Taiyuan will scale industrial enterprises to boost growth to rise to above scale industrial enterprises to establish a comprehensive evaluation system, enterprises, strengthen the scale and scale of enterprise management, strengthen policy support and services, a series of measures using differentiated policy support, and vigorously promote the Small and micro businesses on the regulatory upgrade encourage municipalities; formulated to support the "small rise regulation enterprise policy measures to strengthen the" small rise regulation "helping to cultivate service enterprises, coordination to help enterprises solve the financing, land and other practical difficulties in production and operation. Strive to "13th Five-Year" period, the province’s new breed "small rise regulation 1000 enterprises.

international red envelopes: to promote the introduction of going out strategy

Taiyuan will support small and micro enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets as an important means to promote the rapid growth of smes. Give full play to all levels of public service platform, help enterprises understand the domestic market demand and consumption changes, timely improvement and the development of marketable products; to promote cross regional cooperation and exchange, to look for development opportunities, collaboration and support services; guide small and micro enterprises to participate in international competition, to support small and micro enterprises more channels to participate in the World Trade Center Association, inside and outside famous exhibition, technology exchange and exhibition and other economic and trade activities, cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises to encourage small and micro enterprises, the establishment of independent international marketing network to support small and micro enterprises. Support the establishment of various types of small and micro enterprise product technology exhibition center, build small and micro enterprise product display platform to expand the awareness of enterprises.

has been Chinese government give more encouragement and support for entrepreneurship, because in the government’s eyes, entrepreneurship can solve the employment pressure, also can better create wealth, so that more people can realize the entrepreneurial wealth, for young people to actively respond to the call of the national implementation of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. < recommended

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