Writing can make money Jing Bairan came to tell you that it was true!

Jing Bairan as a new generation idol niche, has not only rely on Huarongyuemao to develop the rich market, active in the public eye in not only his handsome face, and his very fashionable word. Every time to write a few words, as long as a micro-blog attracts millions of people to the propagation speed of forwarding, also underlined drop ~!

"Yan double value talent scale, has become the most prominent label for Jing Bairan. There is a micro-blog recently broke the news, Jing Bairan’s style is the capital market value, price will be 1000 yuan / words, is a well-known character before.

In fact, write

money thing is not the first example, earlier also have "founder Xu Jinglei" example, the original OMG~OMG~ to make money so easily? The life is full of opportunities, Xiaobian want to quietly, forget it, or to practice it, maybe someday I can hand a little money, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life!


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