Qingdao migrant workers can enjoy the same employment and Entrepreneurship

according to the latest documents, Qingdao’s migrant workers can enjoy the same employment and urban population preferential employment, urban and rural integration to cover the construction of entrepreneurship and employment benefits, accelerate the pace of building a common prosperity.

the implementation of integrated urban and rural employment policy, migrant workers can enjoy the same employment policy and free public employment service. The city will be included in the rural labor force to support employment and entrepreneurship, the city achieved employment and entrepreneurship policy with the same treatment in the same city. Promote the unified urban and rural employment and unemployment registration system, to meet the conditions of all migrant workers into the employment unemployment registration management, as a free public employment services and employment and employment preferential policies.

2015, the city has 59 thousand and 700 people enjoy preferential policies. At the same time to encourage the return of migrant workers entrepreneurship, will have entrepreneurial aspirations of migrant workers into the scope of policy support, migrant workers engaged in individual businesses and business enterprises (including private non enterprise units), give a subsidy of 10 thousand yuan venture and the highest 450 thousand yuan venture loans, eligible to give full discount; for the first time established Small and micro businesses, can to apply for business subsidies of up to 30 thousand yuan.

I implementation of Qingdao every year to carry out all kinds of engineering skills, training of 100 thousand migrant workers. Among them, the 72 thousand people to carry out vocational skills training, job skills training to carry out the work of the 17 thousand, to carry out entrepreneurship training for the 11 thousand. To carry out in situ vocational skills training, urban and rural workers can choose to participate in vocational skills training in the household registration or job placement, vocational training subsidies and skills to identify subsidies. Carry out farmers certificate training and will have a desire for training of landless peasants, all included in the transfer of rural labor force training plan, training of qualified obtain occupation qualification certificate, in addition to training subsidies, and then give the trainees training job subsidies.

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