What kind of entrepreneurial projects are most suitable for college students (two)

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, there are a lot of college students can choose the direction, but it is not suitable for everyone, so we must It differs from man to man., critical thinking fine wine.

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Entrepreneurial guidance expert Ceng Yong teacher evaluation

Second, from the start of project selection, he was denied in his original vision after the timely transfer, choose their own familiar tutoring industry, enhance the feasibility in practical operation.

In view of the successful case of

in February 28th this year, the South University of 21 year old Zhang Kailei suspended himself in the south of the Department of mathematics learning for entrepreneurship, successful financing 5 million, snapping up ask the group education institutions 51% of the shares, becoming the city’s youngest students in CEO. Ask the education in Zhang Kailei took over a month later, signed a $140 thousand tutor list, at present >

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