How much money is needed to open a noodle shop

catering business to join the most important consideration is the problem of venture capital, the number of business cost, need to be aware of, by comparing to find the most suitable for their own projects, this is a wise man’s performance. How much money is needed to open a noodle shop? Market is not the same, the area is not the same, the location of the shop is not the same…… Open noodle cost from several aspects to date! How to catering business investment cost accounting, which need to spend money, they need to spend much money?

1. transfer fee:

depending on the location of the store and the local level of consumption, generally ranging from several thousand to several million. In general, the cost to do not want to go out when it will not lose, but the first time you pay attention to the store opened the store area is suspected of demolition.

2. rent:

as the local general level of consumption per month 30-200 yuan per square meter range, but if civilian consumption preferably not more than 100 yuan per civilian, general delivery to pay three a pressure, how much money to open a noodle shop? Such as: 100 yuan / square meters *50 square meters of *4=2 million

3. decoration:

belongs to the category of noodle fast food, decoration concise health, mainly the kitchen requires all tiles to do, the kitchen floor tile must use tiles, just to do business lobby tiles, wall tiles or wallpaper to around five meters can be, the general budget of 1-2 million can be stripped down.

4. licenses for:

noodle licenses generally require: health permits, individual business license, tax registration certificate, in some places may require fire permits, generally in accordance with normal procedures of 500 yuan can all run.

5. distribution fee:

shop before the need to buy Spices, ingredients, appliances, etc., the general budget of about five thousand yuan

6. working capital

small noodle shop turnover of about two thousand yuan of funds can be

7. reserve funds


cost is very necessary, because open a noodle shop business early business there is great uncertainty, suggest that reserve funds budget in at least enough to keep the store turnover 3 months above.

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