Analysis of four skills of cigarette sales during the Spring Festival

for a variety of store sales season, the Spring Festival is undoubtedly a higher product sales, profits to earn more time. In short, the Spring Festival is the most festive time once a year, when is the retail business is booming for the longest time. In fact, because the Spring Festival period between residents visiting relatives, general food, pay New Year’s call together, not only selling tobacco and dry cargo, excess demand.

as the cigarette sales in the retail, must seize this rare time, not only do the Spring Festival period of conventional commodity sales, to make tobacco sales. In order to make more retail customers can do a good job of cigarette sales, the author will be a few retail households in the sale of cigarettes in a good way to summarize the introduction to the vast number of retail users to promote, we hope to inspire.

skills 1: listen more.


retailer Sun Haidong, male, 48

engaged in retail business for 20 years

Sun Haidong told the author: he began to engage in retail business in 1996, has been 20 years, and the edge of the accumulation, along the way. Experienced groundless talk during the Bobo fold. Especially for the sale of cigarettes, from the layman to the experts, from less to know much, I am very pleased. Thanks to the help of the client manager, thanks to the help of peers, thanks to their correct understanding and unremitting efforts, I also feel that the benefit of the majority of the customer care and support.


in cigarette sales if there is no good experience, I think for the users to do the retail sales of cigarettes, must "listen more". In the Spring Festival cigarette sales, for example, before I was not too concerned about the feelings of customers, not too concerned about their arguments. Psychological thinking, their own things their own decisions, I love what to sell cigarettes to sell cigarettes. The beginning of a few years is indeed feasible, and later with the social changes, with the residents of the economic conditions and the level of consumption, the change in the concept of consumption, this is taken for granted, unrequited love is not feasible.

remember the 2009 Spring Festival period, I heard several customers in the shop talk, a customer said: "Oh, last year’s 5 yuan to buy a bag of Mount Huangshan, I feel really like. To take out my hundred relatives are 10 yuan a pack of cigarettes in Mount Huangshan, some 13 yuan a pack of Pu anhui." Another of the "now 5 yuan a pack of cigarettes is Nabuchushou, there are about 10 yuan. Too low no face, people look down on us."

thought rob said: "yes, my son said the Chinese new year this year to buy red Anhui or Yuxi, it seems that cigarette consumption grades improved a lot." The speaker has no intention, the listener interested, I >

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