Haikou traditional villages are concerned about the heritage of rural culture

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with cultural significance of traditional villages, there is not only a tourist destination, more show the Chinese history of 5000 years to us, has very important significance for the development of modern. Haikou 13 national traditional villages also won everyone’s attention, they inherit rural culture and each one has its own merits.

since 2012, the State Ministry of housing, the Ministry of culture and other 7 ministries will have historical information and cultural landscape of high value of traditional villages included in the national project to strengthen the protection of traditional villages, then announced the first batch of national traditional village, Haikou in 3, the Joan on mountain village, Dan Dong Tan Village in Longhua district and the village of Wenshan; in 2014 third batch of national traditional villages, selected three Qing Cun Xiuying District; this year the fourth batch of national traditional village, Haikou Shanxi 9, Qiongshan District package Dao Cun is one of them, the other 8 are: Xiuying District, Feng Tong Village beauty, beauty Xiao Cun Chang Wenhu, Qiongshan Village District, county road, Luo Cun, Meilan District, Wucun, the United States from the village and Guilin Yang farm Ahmed village. Recently, the reporter visited the 13 mysterious and beautiful traditional village.

Dan village

hidden in the "purdah", love


village in Qiongshan District, formed in the Southern Song Dynasty, about 800 years ago, is the culture of the village towards education, tired men, sage. Only in the Ming Dynasty, the village surnamed Tang have Jinshi 6 test. Into the Dan village, the first sight is the high-rise buildings and the houses of the cement road. People who do not know will not think of, high-rise buildings are sporadic "Seclusion" in more than a dozen ancient houses, ancient buildings. These are surrounded by silence stands tall mottled old, exudes a kind of vicissitudes of silence.

Dong Tan Village

Qiao village to find the "golden rice bowl"

Dong Tan Village, has more than and 800 years of history. Doug and save the ancient village 600 years of history, reveal the ancient civilization and brilliant history exudes charm: Guan Dao is composed of 5 parts of volcano stone; "Vista" called "Xian Jing", from the ground to the bottom of the well is 70 meters, stone path through the bottom. Today, the village is ready to make an article from the ancient word, clever find golden rice bowl". The village Party branch secretary Choi Dong Tan said the throne, the Song Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty tomb extant Ming Dynasty opera is the genealogy, Paul zhuya folk rural cultural treasures.

Wenshan village

monument monument monument

The new PO Zhen Wen Shan Cun

Longhua district is one of the four ancient cultural village, built about 900 years ago in the church, preserved 400 years ago, the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties stone tombstone Sarcophagus, ancient wall is everywhere, ancient culture. Also recommended

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