Shaanxi introduction of new policies to promote employment

is now the public business has become an era theme, at the same time there are a lot of people have a general idea of entrepreneurship, local governments in order to further promote the people entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have introduced a lot of new venture.

to encourage employment, trainee students retention rate of not less than 50%, according to the number of retained enterprises give one-time subsidy 2000 yuan per person.

in support of entrepreneurship, the introduction of market-oriented business incubator model and risk sharing, benefit sharing "benign mechanism, realization of entrepreneurial projects, training, financing, funds, business loans, risk investment, expert guidance, technical advice, the legal rights of the market of one-stop service, give full play to the main market comprehensive advantages vigorously promote entrepreneurship.

in employment and entrepreneurship training, we should encourage all kinds of occupation education, occupation training agencies qualified to carry out short-term occupation training, training subsidy, establish a linkage mechanism for the effectiveness of training and training subsidies.

in the unemployment insurance and social assistance to support employment and entrepreneurship, the unemployment insurance policy post steady to expand the scope of insurance payment, all to no layoffs and fewer layoffs enterprises; encourage migrant workers voluntarily choose to participate in the unemployment insurance system for urban workers; self-employed and unemployed people, allowing a one-time payment of unemployment insurance money, and give business subsidies from unemployment insurance; to actively absorb the unemployed employer resettlement subsidies given; to achieve employment or self employment income is not stable, and does not meet the minimum living guarantee a minimum living family, is given a certain period of minimum living security.

in the "opinions", Shaanxi province has arranged a series of special activities, as the implementation of the policy guidance. The requirements of the province’s cities and counties to market-oriented business incubator construction as the starting point, to promote employment through entrepreneurship, by 2020, the provincial and municipal construction of about 50 to about 80 and the county will be building construction market incubation base of about 300 per year at the provincial level assessment;

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