College students need to improve the national support policies

with the change of the concept of college students employment, entrepreneurship has become a choice for graduates. Entrepreneurship and employment of college students in the past two years, is a pair of twin topic. Today, let’s talk about it!

Fourth when the "general manager"

at the Northwest Normal University read senior Hou Yongqing, another identity is the general manager of Lanzhou xiangyanghua Software Technology Development Co. ltd.. On the morning of March 25th, when the reporter went to the D206 room of the creative and entrepreneurial incubation base, he was busy sending mail. Entrepreneurship, it is harder to say harder. This is Hou Yongqing’s feelings for college students to start their own business.

All kinds of scholarship during the period of

"I am in Yuzhong county middle school ex Ling internship, for some high school students had a psychological test, the results showed that 17% of the senior high school students have psychological problems more or less." Hou Yongqing and En Ling secondary school principals, intended to help establish a englin middle school psychological consultation system, psychological counseling to help solve the problems of high school students’ absence.

entrepreneurs like to pull out the radish, with the greater strength, the greater the harvest. Speaking of the future development, Hou Yongqing said that this year is mainly to make their own products, and strive to play the brand, did not want to profit. His goal is to 2015, the company is expected to achieve profitability, to expand the marketing channels in 2016 to strive for maturity. At present, the company has developed a soft psychological assessment

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