What equipment do you need to open a bakery

is like most of the girls want to open shop, a lot of friends want to chowhound open a bakery, fragrant and delicious, freshly baked bread enough to conquer the numerous chowhound, but open a bakery also need to make adequate preparations.

If you want to open a

make funds ready with professional technical support, the second is for money, have a certain degree of financial support. In the general case excluding rent, ask 30~50 square meters of shops are about 50 thousand yuan of funds. Including investment of equipment such as oven, refrigerator, proofing boxes, size mixer, station about 10 thousand yuan.

Essentials: up box, mixer, mixer, oven, stove, stainless steel pot, stainless steel table, taking the hammer, rolling pin, baking paper, cake mold, egg swab, piping mouth (a), pastry bag, refrigerator, freezer, cheese eraser, bread mold (square iron bake box), pan car, scraping panel (scraper), weighing, measuring cup, cylinder size, brush, stainless steel pots, stainless steel bowl, saw blade, Western-style food knives and bread slicing machine,



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