The use of digital Arabia do not standardized name

in order to let the shop name is more novel, can attract more consumer attention, now many shops in the name of time will use many components, which most probably it did not actually happen ", Arabia is also a lot of digital shopkeepers used part of love. In fact, the use of digital Arabia do name, look strange to remember, very creative, but the business regulations are not allowed.

recently, the industrial and commercial departments investigated and dealt with a number of abuses of Arabia digital behavior.

recently, Jiang’an labor and the staff survey was informed that the name of the hotel business license approved as "Wuhan 778 hotel management limited liability company". The hotel above the entrance gate admitted using "778" as a business hotel "sign plaque.

in accordance with the "measures for the administration of the registration of enterprise names", the name of the enterprise shall use the national standard Chinese characters, and shall not use the Chinese phonetic alphabet, the Arabia number. The company did not report to the business sector for the record, that is, to simplify the use of the company name, and the use of Arabia figures constitute violations.

at present, the labor of industry and Commerce has been issued a rectification notice, limit its September 28th correction.

such an event can make a lot of the lessons learned, in short, if the name to shop more legitimate, but also need to know about the relevant laws and regulations, which legalized in time to shop name, and then get approval.

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