With the number of snack shop shop can do

snack bar in the end what kind of a name, after all, is the impact of the entire store in the latter part of the business, because of this, will be the concern of countless entrepreneurs. But now some people to the snack bar name, but directly with the number. Then, with the number of snack shop names can be?

husband up Bay snack bar, but the 222 letinous edodes Angelica duck meat shop in Natori, a master can help me? Thank you The name is from the number of snacks.

goods or shops named the following four principles:

1. remember: easy to memory, not too complex.

2. identification: easily separated from others, not confused.

3. Association: read out can think of a good, or with the commodity itself is easy to think together.

4. preference: linguistic preference for major consumer groups.

looks 222 in line with the first two, third, and fourth to your own judgment (hungry hungry Mandarin, and eat, Lilili is Taiwanese, is also good).

In fact,

is the most important place to eat to eat, but do not eat is the key to the survival of a good reputation, there are guests.

in addition to the store to do some marketing activities to open visibility, or in a word.

suggests you early print some leaflets, with some discount or a single deadline gift coupons, can attract guests, take the opportunity to open visibility.

again, in fact, mainly rely on technology and service attitude.

of course the store furnishings to meet the main consumer style, bless you.

letinous edodes Rouyu Angelica duck is the main commodity? Suggest a little or a little more personalized.


really take this name, my opinion is: not a true art, art results due to weak Boda; do not take heart, will be trapped if people look lonely; reference.

of course, if you can use the number as the name, nature is the premise of the number itself can play some homophonic, if number itself is not new, want to use the name or number is not feasible. So, if you open a snack bar, will use the number of shop names do?

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