The Nanjing underground Tax Bureau checked destroyed fake invoices

in life, when we walk in some of the larger flow of people, you can often see a lot of land above, with a professional invoice. In response to such a widespread social phenomenon, Nanjing’s underground tax bureau was found. Has access to dozens of invoices on behalf of small name card of Zhenjiang Runzhou immediately instructed the police, rushed to Nanjing, destroyed a false invoices "underground wholesale business tax bureau".

reporter learned yesterday, as part of the invoice offenders selling, selling fake invoice value has exceeded billion.

according to the police, at the end of 2015, the Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Runzhou Branch police, Zhang Daikai dozens of small information obtained from invoice name card to start, after investigation, found that all the name card invoices on behalf of the company and contact and finally all point to a man named Zhou Qiang (a pseudonym).

, the Public Security Bureau in June 27th this year, Zhenjiang Bureau, Nanjing Bureau in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out joint net arrests, in Gulou District of Nanjing City Zhang Wang Miaoyi rented Zhou Qiang arrested.

however, after preliminary examination, in the arrest of Zhou Qiang’s rental in addition to the discovery of a large number of mobile phones and a large number of cash, did not find an invoice.

according to the previous information, it is suspect dens, how a false invoices are not? Soon, the answer surfaced.

according to the investigation, Zhou Qiang in Nanjing City, the small village is another foothold in the police to arrest Zhou Qiang at the same time, another group of police in this less than 40 square meters of rented a major discovery – a small room with a size of 5 square meters which, found a large number of invoice and seal, and a filled with false invoices issued date and contact the people to buy the notebook, above filled with dense false invoice date and ticket contact. Moreover, in the rental housing rental contract written on the name of Zhou Qiang.

so far, RenZangJuHuo, in the face of evidence, Zhou Qiang admitted that the production and sale of fake invoices crime.

after the trial, Zhou Qiang confessed the crime is divided into two kinds, one is the use of electronic templates according to customer requirements of the amount of direct printing of false invoices; the other is a false identity to apply for business license, tax registration certificate, tax disk, in the absence of any actual business case of false invoices, therefore, part the gang selling fake tickets, actually can be verified.

police said, according to the provisions of the state, a denomination of 100 thousand yuan of the formal invoice, need to pay 3% of taxes to the state, but the suspect only charge 100 yuan fee, you can sell a 100 thousand yuan false invoices are recommended

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