Beijing’s crackdown on illegal fund-raising activities

in the process of social and economic development, there have been many excellent enterprises. However, there are also some criminals take one form of investment, illegal fund-raising. Let the people’s property suffered losses, damage the market environment!

the name of investment banking, wealth management, private lending and other social institutions to cover some high returns as bait, to carry out illegal fund-raising activities, the public has been caught. Yesterday, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, city network information office, Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of press and publication, communications administration, City Financial Bureau, the people’s Bank of camp, Beijing Banking Bureau, Beijing securities regulatory bureau, Beijing Insurance Regulatory Bureau and other 11 departments jointly issued "on the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising activities in strengthening the financial investment supervision of advertising related work opinions".

since June 15th, the 11 departments will jointly strengthen the illegal fund-raising financial investment activities in the form of advertising regulation, supervision of law enforcement efforts, continue to increase efforts to crack down on illegal activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

combining guidance, focus on prevention. To combat illegal fund-raising activities, the first thing is to prevent regulatory advance. The opinions put forward, the relevant operators of the financial industry as advertisers, to be responsible for the authenticity and legitimacy of financial investment and financial advertising. Prior to the publication of the advertisement, it shall take the initiative to submit the business license to the advertising operator and the advertiser, and the original documents issued by the relevant administrative department and the letter of credit.

at the same time, responsible for the design, production, agency, advertising advertising operators and publishers should also be based on laws, administrative regulations, the relevant documents, check the contents of the advertisement. An advertisement operator shall not provide any service that does not conform to the content or if the documents are incomplete, and the advertisement publisher shall not issue any advertisement. If there is no proof of inspection, did not check the contents of the ads, resulting in illegal financial investment and financial advertising, will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

a lot of illegal fund-raising activities in the network flooding advertising. "Opinions" put forward, all kinds of network media advertising and information release self cleaning, advertising and information content qualification and web site on the careful review, shall not be unauthorized or record of the site and the site does not have business qualifications to provide link services, not for financial false and illegal advertising and website containing false information the (WEB) provide the link service.

financial investment and financial advertising content should meet the requirements? The city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, the content of an advertisement must be true and legal, should the possible risks and risk responsibility reasonably prompt or warning, there is the risk of investment marked "risks should be cautious" prompt.

at the same time, this kind of advertising shall not contain the future effect of recommendation

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