What are the names of the method can boast

to the name of a shop can have a variety of ways, and here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the current very popular name. So, what are the names of the method? Let Xiaobian bring you together to know.

to store named by the name of the method boast: the ultimate aim is to manufacture and sale of goods to sell goods, all the means and the owners use include advertising, service, naming, are based on the fundamental purpose. Boast of the company’s products have a long history, reputation, product quality and reliable, widely welcomed by consumers, the owners will take the practice.

name stores boast have three functions: one is to cheer myself up, enhance self-confidence, but also set a goal for yourself at the same time; two is to add a bit of psychological pressure to rivals; three is to attract customers, in order to give people a sense of trust. The name of the method is as follows:

1, boast cheap.

is the most typical Bianyifang stewing stove Roasted Duck shop. This is the two hundred year old grandson. He sold on sale in the next work, he made health and poultry embryo and chicken, although other good things, but the price is better than low. A long time, whether it is large or the big house, restaurant, restaurant, have long called workshop and grandson pianyifang. In the course of contacts Bianyifang’s name came out, then the industry will simply used the name.

2, Wumart boast.


method in the trademark used more, such as toothbrush and long after the liberation of the foreverbicycle etc.. The company name is common in the food and cosmetics department, such as the Hangzhou zhiweiguan restaurant, Shanghai delicious vegetarian restaurant, the production of bergamot brand monosodium glutamate tianchu gourmet powder factory. 1930s Shanghai MSG production have several, with "days" name, such as a plant, natural day plant, Tianyuan plant, Tianxiang plant, including tianchu factory trademark "Bergamot", these names are boast excellent quality, so in the day, even the smell of the Buddha but to reach out.

3, boast high commodity manufacturing technology.

such as Shanghai Jingyi glasses company, named for the phrase "excellence", because Mr. Sun Zhongshan was the company Guangzhou branch wrote "excellence" of the inscription, the Mingyangtianxia, worth double.

4, boasting status.

it’s a boast of a strong position in the competition. As of 1926 Shanghai established "Jincheng Technology Agency", its name meaning is said in the competition as an impregnable city, unassailable also.

5, boasting high technology.

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