A big blind spot Entrepreneurship can not operate a variety of products

select entrepreneurs who do not know what is the blind spot of entrepreneurship. With their own interests, operating a variety of products, in fact, this is not good, especially for those who have just started. It must not be diversified products, the reason of product diversification problems, share this story with you.

A Jun is the case, he founded a clothing factory alone, but a few years down there is no profit, the factory can survive all rely on sales agents to make money subsidies. He felt his clothing factory production of the product does not feature, decided to find someone to design a special partnership fashion clothing for large enterprises or customized uniform. He said that the partners are looking for good, the company set up immediately. The problem is that they don’t know how to distribute benefits to partners.

B Jun to a little more complicated. He and his friends have a business, his own business is to make money, the loss of a friend’s business, because the relationship between the two people, he has lent millions of friends. But not only did not improve the business of friends, but also to close the door. The friend said: "it seems that you have to rely on the company to rely on the money. I am looking for someone to borrow money, together with you to open a company, managed by you, and other new companies to make money, I will return your money." A total of two people really find new business opportunities, the new company immediately opened up.

however, the original two companies each to management, new companies are not fully engaged, Mr. B is a major shareholder, friend let him find someone to manage, Mr. B will find results his cousin to management. But, in less than three months, the cousin began to use his authority to seek personal gain. B Jun for how to deal with cousin trouble. I told him to quit. If you really want to do the new company, we must look for experts in the industry management. But before looking for someone to manage must first villain after gentleman, the rules set. Or out of harm to others. How to set the rules, I gave B Jun detailed suggestions, B Jun listened to a thousand thanks.

by the above two stories, I want to tell people just start, when you do not operate a product, do not run another product. The reason is very simple, when you do not know how to sell products, you sell second products, which is undoubtedly the biggest blind spot.

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