Chinese Financial Museum Academy Guangzhou branch established three large coffee appeared

10 month 9 days, if you are in the vicinity of the Canton Tower, may have three big business coffee, they are Li Kaifu, Pan Shiyi, Ren Zhiqiang, this has several pivotal position in the business people here doing what? The original is to attend college Chinese Financial Museum Guangzhou branch was established and the first reading.

open in Beijing booming financial Museum China college at the Guangzhou academy, three regulars Li Kaifu, Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang three large coffee 9 appeared in Guangzhou, the establishment of the Guangzhou branch. However, to finance as the main theme of the study will not talk about the financial affairs, but to innovation and entrepreneurship as the theme, to the public in Guangzhou opened a feast of thinking.

"Guangzhou’s business environment is good." In the public entrepreneurship, innovation boom, Li Kaifu commented on the Guangzhou environment. Li Kaifu himself in Guangzhou invested a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but investors get together or Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Li Kaifu think Guangzhou has a lot of opportunities for the government to start a business ecosystem, not only to support entrepreneurs, but also to attract investors.

three business due to large coffee appeared, a lot of collision sparks of wisdom in the exchange, the contents of the above share only some of Li Kaifu’s ideas, others entrepreneurs can go to search, or continue to pay attention to the information platform. In the entrepreneurial tide, surging opportunities and challenges.

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