Cecilia Cheung comeback film filming international action movie runaway speed – Ghost

Cecilia Cheung in the past two years in addition to work is to take care of his son, no film works. Recently, Cecilia Cheung comeback film, Madden is more, Cecilia Cheung Choi Seunghyun to challenge difficult movements play, let’s look at the new situation of the hot mom!


came four years later, Cecilia Cheung retired international action movie "runaway speed" comeback film Ghost ·. It is reported that the film starring Cecilia Cheung and Korean actor Choi Seunghyun in the day before the official start in germany.

so, Cecilia Cheung flew to Germany in March for action against the special training, and learning speed and kickboxing skills. In order to make the effect of shooting more real and perfect, Cecilia Cheung asked all the scenes of high difficulty personally. She said she wanted to set a good example for the two sons to learn not to be afraid of difficulties and dangers, but to face them bravely.


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