After 80 girls Meng Jia entrepreneurial memoirs

many people are complaining that entrepreneurial market competition, in fact, as long as we are good at mining, the entire business market also has a very big development space, has many new business opportunities are constantly come out. Among them, for people to write a memoir is very popular in the current era, but at the same time the market is almost blank in a business choice.

because of not being able to use a computer to write teacher desire only temporarily shelved, but in 2012 a day, Chen Qizhi accidentally discovered a way to solve the problem.

Chen Qizhi said to write Memoirs of the company, called a hundred years of love culture media Co., Ltd., its founder is a after 80 girls, called Meng Jia. 3 years ago, the team set up to provide special services to write memoirs. Unexpectedly, the company will usher in a door opening soon, Chen Qizhi’s visit, Meng Jia very surprise.

loves to write the story of Meng Jia after a year’s time, and finally completed this memoir.

this nearly 10 words, including memoirs of 50 precious old picture, Chen Qizhi read it again and again. For the contents of the book, whether it is written between the lines or reveal the truth, Chen Qizhi is very satisfied.


story is true and wonderful, just after this memoir proofing soon, another surprise.

Meng Jia: like to order some of our clients, mostly their own collections, so most of he published, Chen did not think this book influence is too good, so that in January this year, China Art Publishing House to do it in this edition of the book, and publicly listed sales, did not expect in a few months time, in the country out of stock, became a bestseller.

memoir nationwide publishing and selling, let Meng Jia feel more, write his memoirs the work is not only interesting, also let oneself reflects the value of life. And this is precisely the original intention of Meng Jia entrepreneurship. After graduating from college in 2006, Meng Jia worked as a reporter at the news. Many old people in the interview impressed her deeply.

Meng Jia: it found them for some of their stories about it during the interview, is very indifferent to their own experience, is also very involved, I feel that time, many elderly his story may be a psalm two news reports about it, that they may be personalized the custom of a warm family is not only a book, on the side of a friend and encourage a comfort, so the initiation is not able to do such a project, a culture of the company.

in the eyes of Meng Jia, even ordinary people also recommended

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