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our students often heard from the teacher’s mouth is: do not know to ask, there are problems not afraid, afraid that there is no problem. In fact, this principle applies to all aspects of life. Take a lot of catering entrepreneurs, they often want to start a business venture, never to pay attention to some of the problems must be aware of. The impulse is doomed to failure. On behalf of the Chongqing cubs hot pot this project, many franchisees will consult several questions to join the business.

Q: do you have any experience in catering to join


yes, but it must be reminded that we desire to join those who have a wealth of management experience, a good concept of operations, customer service and attention to the idea, he must have had a successful performance management.

asked: after the application to join, if there is no time to operate, I can find someone to help me manage?

answer: we require the applicant should be the major operators and partners, but also by a single application, the main operator in the future to participate in full-time restaurant management. If there is no time management can hire occupation managers to help you manage the restaurant, but the restaurant management needs into the heart, so we suggest you choose our franchise mode of cooperation, we take care of your restaurant, accept the management pressure to help you achieve your investment returns and reduce business risk;

: I don’t have enough money. What about


answer: if you have enough money has two options, one is: you can find a partner, but your partner must also accept our understanding and investigation, and together with your application process, and the proportion of funds managers must be greater than 30%. Two: you can choose to borrow money from the bank, but the loan amount can not exceed 30% of the investment amount.

asked: "join fee" refers to what costs?

answer: "fee" refers to the acquisition of our brand authorization, and pay royalties and proprietary proprietary technology royalties. That is to say, if we have to pay the fee for each restaurant, it is a one-time fee. It will make some adjustments according to the domestic price index.

: if I have a good house, can I work with you?

answer: it depends on the location of your city and the location of the property to decide, if in accordance with the relevant physical conditions of cooperation, then we have a professional assessment, and you can be together

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