Qingdao, a hospital led to 9 people infected with hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis B virus (

) is a serious threat to people’s health, and the virus is highly infectious, if not treated, the consequences are very serious. In Shandong, Qingdao recently issued an urgent notice is about a hemodialysis hospital management of hepatitis B virus infection, specifically how? Let’s take a look at it.

2 the morning of 9 August, a report entitled "emergency notice" on Further Strengthening the management of hospital infection in hemodialysis room of the home page copy circulated on the Internet, the picture to display the file number is "Lu Wei Yi Zi No. [2017]8". The document said, in January this year, a report of three level hospitals in Shandong province with the hemodialysis room of suspected hepatitis B outbreak of nosocomial infection "by national and provincial expert group in conjunction with the local investigation, preliminary judgment is because the hospital management is not in place due to hospital infection of severe events.

the document said, "the incident occurred after informed Shaanxi County town hospital hemodialysis room of hepatitis C infection event management special supervision, the national and provincial special hospital infection in the province in 2016, the public medical institutions involved in three general hospitals, the consequences are serious, adverse effects, exposed as medical institutions and medical personnel,. Strengthen the hemodialysis room of health administrative department of health, hospital management work deployment of poor implementation, the hospital management is not in place and other issues.

the hospital is located in Chengyang District People’s government, the evening of 9 responded that:

2017 in the afternoon of January 19th, Chengyang District Health Bureau received a report of Chengyang District People’s Hospital, the hospital hemodialysis room found that hepatitis B virus infection in 9 patients, District Health Bureau immediately organized relevant departments to carry out the investigation and handling, and report the relevant circumstances. By the national, provincial and municipal panel of experts on the scene investigation, found that this is due to the hospital hemodialysis room in violation of hospital operating procedures caused by a serious hospital infection. Under the guidance of the national, provincial and Municipal Health Planning Commission and the expert group, Chengyang district to do a good job of patient treatment. At present, 9 patients have been in accordance with the views of the expert group to implement individualized treatment program, stable condition.

of hepatitis B virus poses a serious threat to the life and health of people, so that people are jittery, hereby the relevant departments of the person in charge of the incident raises serious treatment: replacing Dean administrative positions and the party secretary duties, as vice president in charge of administrative duties and the Party committee member, from the post of director of hospital department and nursing department. Removed from the post dialysis room director, head nurse.

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