Top ten tea brands list

for tea this special drink, a lot of people are very love to drink, after all, is a delicious milk drinks. Moreover, we know that there are many brands of pearl milk tea on the market, most of which love tea concentrated in school students. So, what brand of tea is more popular? Xiaobian and everyone to share the top ten tea brands list.

ten NO1- &

tea brand rankings

Internet is Lang company launched a tea products, tea tea has six flavors of flavor, taro, coffee, wheat, chocolate, strawberry, with pure Ceylon Black Tea milk powder and refined into milk powder bag, then collocation translucent jelly like coconut tablets, hot flushes can enjoy.

Internet is Lang company launched a tea products, coconut flavor, Green Tea, 8 flavors of wheat, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, taro and red bean, is that bubble of instant tea. It inherits the excellent blood Xizhilang, use pure Ceylon Black Tea milk powder and refined into milk powder, coconut jelly and collocation of crystal grain. Tea tea is popular among young college students. The country’s ten largest tea stores list – Lemon workshop.

ten tea brand ranking NO2- Hong fluttering tea

is the Hong fluttering tea Zhejiang xiangpiaopiao food company’s cup of tea, the main production base in Zhejiang Huzhou. Since the end of 2005, just a short period of 5 years, has become synonymous with the main cup of milk tea. The innovative use of coconut pack instead of the traditional pearl, by female consumers in the taste and heat control on love. Hong fluttering tea flavors: strawberry, sweet flavor, coffee, wheat, taro, tea, coffee, chocolate Green Tea xiangpiaopiao.

ten milk tea brand NO3- Nestle tea milk tea

Swiss Nestle group, the ten largest coffee / milk brand, the world’s top 500 brands, Chinese well-known manufacturers, a century, Chinese consumers are already familiar with and trust Nestle brand, as early as 1908 at the beginning of this century, Nestle in Shanghai opened its first sales office in early 80s, China, Nestle Chinese began talks with the government in Chinese and its investments in nutrition and food processing areas of the world’s best know-how and expertise transfer to China.

1990, Nestle in mainland China’s first joint venture plant began operations, and then built a number of factories. Nestle through the use of local raw materials in the local production of the same high quality food, to replace imported products, help China in this regard to save a lot of foreign exchange. 99% of the products currently sold in mainland China are

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