Married male network to pay 8 girlfriends cheated for $460 thousand for 2 years

now a lot of love and marriage sites, but single friends can pay attention to, there are a lot of movies. A 35 year old married man handed over his girlfriend through the marriage site network, within the next 2 years cheated $460 thousand, at present, the man has been detained or convicted of fraud for 6 to 8 years.

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The crime of fraud:


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2013 from October to November, Wang sea lily marriage dating information network 30 year old Ms. Cai met and established a relationship, after his birthday gift to ask for false reasons, Ms. Cai 41 thousand yuan and 2470 yuan worth of tickets.

2014, Wang Haitong Lily network dating dating information to meet 38 year old Ms. Chen, Lee, aged 31, Ms. Wei, aged 28, on the birthday and mother’s birthday on the grounds of asking for money.

2015 years, Wang Haitong professional marriage site to meet the 31 year old Ms. Qin, Ms. Yang, aged 29, Ms. Jia, aged 28, Ms. Wang, aged 39, in the same name for the amount of money.


the courtroom

pay more than   that enjoy the satisfaction of his girlfriend;

"husband and wife." Wang Hai answer.

"I just to enjoy the pleasure, satisfaction." Wang Hai answer.

in front of the woman, Wang Hai has been using a pseudonym, claiming to be a single, but the "amorous" actually married. According to Wang Hai account, he and his wife in 2012 by the end of the marriage, divorce has not recommended

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