The girl in China restaurant Canada easily earn life pot of gold

is not the same as the road of entrepreneurship, can give you a different wealth. Walker, a 30 year old woman, is a typical Canadian and the owner of the restaurant, called · Catherine. It is hard to imagine that five years ago, Catherine is a Canadian investment company in Chongqing branch of the Department Manager, and a high salary.

Kathy: Canadian pie, $5 for two. It is possible that you will think that I am nervous or why should I resign, but at that time my salary is thirty thousand yuan a month.

2004 />

Kathy: he does not want to ask me to eat Chongqing Hot pot because all Chongqing, will ask me to eat Hot pot, he wanted me to is remember him, so he will ask me to eat dumplings, we will each week two or three times he would take me to eat dumplings.

Petra  Hewett (Australia): he is very handsome.

Petra  (Hewett): Yes, he is also helpful, he is also very good to me and my family, as long as we need, he will help us.

Kathy: just to be with him, I think the time is very fast, so that the two of us very match. />
2006 in March, Catherine, who was in love with her, made an unusually cool decision to resign and go to a dumpling restaurant, and her decision to make all the people who knew her felt incredible. "

Adam  McWhirter (Canada): operate anywhere in any country

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