Small blood pressure instrument favored by more customers

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shop, a charity almost can not spend what money is likely to get the favor of customers, and then let the store business development better. Because of considering this, and see a lot of customer needs, so I placed a blood pressure meter in the supermarket at the entrance, I did not expect to get a lot of customers can be recognized, the development of shops also have a very big role.

I went to a village to buy medicine, I found that there are a lot of elderly people together do not know what to do. So I went to see the past, they found that they are using a free blood pressure meter to measure blood pressure, those who are also lined up. An old man said, now age, blood pressure instability, so every day to test here. I asked, a blood pressure meter is only a few hundred dollars, if you can put it in my supermarket, both to serve customers, but also to win customers.

I am a man of action and, anyway, the price is not expensive, so I bought a. Then put it in the supermarket, the supermarket is located in my cell door, every day there are many old people playing cards in my supermarket in front of the open space, since I have heard the free testing, they have entered the test. If the supermarket, they put the instrument to get the door, in the summer, I had a pergola in the doorway, they sat in the arbor under test.

so, every day I will gather a lot of people at the supermarket door, there are a lot of elderly people arrived here from afar. More than one person, I will be very busy popular supermarket. Not only do these old people buy things, they will attract a lot of customers. Customers like to buy things to the popular place, because they think that we are sure that the wrong place.

so, my supermarket every day is People are hurrying to and fro. It’s very easy for me to change the tester. An aunt said to me: "boss, you are really good people. Since I have this blood pressure meter, I have to measure every day, no longer have to worry about high blood pressure. You’ve done a great thing!" Listen to his words, I am particularly pleased.

is not very simple? There is no need for any big investment, no need to spend much manpower and material resources, but it can be of great help to the development of the store business. So, if you want to open a supermarket, but also want to business booming, may wish to start from the customer’s point of view, to provide some free services, I believe that can make the business of the store has a great development.

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