The grinding time refill seasons taste

actually, I don’t know coffee, I’m obsessed with it. The coffee pot is the mood, coffee cups is a dream, and the cafe dense misty fragrance, can tolerate the vicissitudes of the world.

autumn   coffee spread   packing dream

autumn in Hefei comes very late, but the cold quickly. Autumn is the best time in the afternoon, afternoon is the best time to grind. You can sit next to the window, and the cars on the street run around, you just think that the sound is far away from you.

"coffee time cappuccino best", you think of his magnetic voice. At that time, you just smile, now, you suddenly want to tears.

summer   a time   a mellow

he mocks you hot day went to drink hot coffee. You smiled and said you were going to surprise him. A cup of cappuccino, gently sip a small mouth, silky, infiltration of the old days of desolation. A faint sweet astringent, there are All sufferings have their reward. relief. Between the lips and teeth, but also a feeling refreshed.


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