Open laundry laundry tips

dry cleaning industry development, success won numerous the attention of entrepreneurs, want to open a laundry stores, beginners must do the following preparatory work, covering the laundry equipment, dry cleaning technology and so on, only to watch everything, consumers heart, win more customer satisfaction! Here we look at how to open a new laundry laundry franchise!

equipment material base

equipment is the material base of laundry service and quality, is an important part of the image of the laundry franchise. Laundry equipment should be purchased from the reality, the equipment is not the more expensive the better, the more the better, the more advanced the better. The equipment should be fully considered the factors such as cost, investment ability, competitor’s equipment and so on.

quality and technology

is the quality of laundry stores to ensure the sustainable development of technical ability is the premise of washing quality, the importance of the two needless to say. Because of the lack of technical force, the new laundry franchise often leads to the quality is difficult to guarantee, forming a huge obstacle to competition. In the laundry technology training, part of the laundry franchise companies can provide customers with a comprehensive system of training services.


manage benefits, manage competitiveness, the same is true in the laundry industry. Laundry is small, but the management is very difficult, including daily management, quality management, production management, equipment management, financial management, statistical management, crisis management, personnel management and other content.

staff quality

quality of staff is to improve and maintain the competitiveness of the laundry shop, the quality of laundry franchise management is one of the key. Business ability, occupation morality, team spirit, modest and prudent, good learning and other personal qualities are an excellent washing store staff necessary quality. There are many ways to improve the quality of staff, such as material and spiritual rewards, business discussions, business training and other ways.

washing franchise business, not just to wash the clothes so simple, focusing on the quality of service at the same time, control training study, reputation and brand management area even washing cost, all operators must pay attention to the problem.


laundry service should focus on the depth and breadth of service to do articles. The service should meet the functional needs and psychological needs of customers, the current consumer psychology is more and more inclined to the psychological experience, and the physical function of the service is weakened.

therefore deepen laundry service should focus on the full

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