The rise of grassroots, what should we do


, the author designed an article "the tragedy of the grassroots yesterday: no sense of presence", a lot of grassroots Adsense voices, in this era, our webmaster is typical of the ancient people poor, powerful, no potential money, how many people have died in the "grass" above the word, how many people quietly disappear in the Internet, can not be expected.

the current situation is already a fact, is thinking of grassroots needs most how to change this situation, how to become no longer cheap labor, not in the face of human Daozu I fish. In this regard, I also have some personal insights.

see the facts, with

We all know that

is actually a series of policies and measures of Baidu, can really play a role in our small webmaster, the station still brilliant and arrogant, it is temporarily can not change the fact that we first is to see the eyes of the situation, do not attempt to yiluanjishi.

was saying, "when you can in the healthy development of independent circumstances, you have the right to speak, you will have the opportunity to choose", and we just still in the primary stage of socialism, so we are weak, the present situation, we can only be attached to Baidu, it may rise head and shoulders above others.

In fact,

say it is wise to understand the situation, said the ugly point is to turn tail man. Many people will think this is a spineless behavior, but I want to say is not necessarily zhuangshiduanwan backbone should have more hardships determination, courage, in the absence of adequate capacity attached to each other survival is a wise choice, only to have the opportunity to turn around.


learn to coexist

there are no permanent enemies on the battlefield, there is no eternal partner. It seems right now, that looks like the people on the Internet are our competitors, but in the direction of view, the author thinks that the temporary grassroots should not put each other as competitors, but should be seen as partners.

prepared, especially now that the grassroots webmaster can not count on the security. Baidu will take us to speak at any time to us but also Baidu Li Wei scapegoat. If the Internet does not exist grassroots family argument, then we grassroots webmaster and where to go from here?

, we must unite the grassroots. We should not be endless bickering and competition, but should learn to cooperate, learn to win. Is your chance to earn, but the successful people say there will be people to listen, to think is valuable, in the absence of this ability before, all we need is to continue to accumulate their own resources, unity. Worker movement can be successful, the rise of grassroots can not be hopeless!

finally, I wish you grassroots webmaster in the Internet more and more far away, one day standing on the top, >

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