Former senior tour guide today to see the life of the boss

a variety of life experiences, everyone is not the same, some people are willing to dream to toss, others are watching the hands of the third of an acre". The heroine Mary is the first one, is to dare to dream to toss people, let us look at her entrepreneurial experience.

before the small business, Mary is a senior tour Guilin of a travel agency, income, occupation and income status let friends envy. A vacation with his girlfriend, she went to Hangzhou to play for free. In the shops as the streets of Hangzhou, a warm and delicate shop into her sight, is decorated in other primitive ecological shop called "personal care stores, products have more than a dozen series. Exquisite packaging, rich variety, professional service once ignited Mary inner entrepreneurial enthusiasm, she also want to open a cosmetics chain stores of their own.

will say his resignation started the idea of cosmetic shops, Mary’s family and friends feel very unbelievable: put a good job, high income, but the business did not have any experience in the cosmetics industry. Family and friends do not understand in Mary’s surprise, she insisted on choosing to follow his own heart, decided to quit the job.

select Greenlem and Mary are the following reasons: brand strength, Greenlem Greenlem is the top of the Danish fairy tale kingdom royal family designated queen skin care brand, the brand has a long history of noble descent; the product of high quality, Greenlem Greenlem all adhere to high quality, 100% pure natural commitment; market competitiveness strong Greenlem Greenlem7 brand core value chain, in the market established a "oil skin care experts" brand image. The original whole store output model, for the brand to join, agents to provide one-stop service, so that the success rate of cosmetics chain stores NO.1!

determined, Mary began to contact Greenlem cosmetics brand headquarters, Greenlem headquarters to Mary is very enthusiastic, but also very supportive of her own business ideas, and invited her to Greenlem Guangzhou headquarters to inspect. When you get to Guangzhou, see the regular production line Greenlem cosmetics factory, chic model shop and numerous stores successful cases, Mary immediately signed the contract, pay a deposit.

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