China’s top ten bar brands

is perhaps because of curiosity, perhaps because of early adopters, perhaps because of entertainment, in short, a bar in the current Chinese market has been more and more high visibility, by the countless people. For this reason, the bar industry will develop faster and faster, for this reason, the birth of China’s ten largest bar brand.

bar culture originated in the United States during the western development, ten years ago to enter our country. The bar after entering China, the rapid development, especially popular with young people, such as Kita Kamihiro, but also has been seen dripping: Beijing bar rough publicity, Shanghai bar and Guangzhou bar are bustling, Shenzhen bar open passion. In the decades of development has also formed the most famous ten bar brand.

China ten bar brand NO.1, SOHO: SOHO SOHO is China famous bar chain brand, adhering to the SOHO area of decadent and gorgeous, personality and freedom, publicity and art, is a bar of a classical pure, multi culture fusion.

Chinese ten bar brand NO.2, TrueColor color: Shenzhen Beieot Chain Industrial Co. Ltd. is one of the most influential high-end entertainment brand, leading the international trend of fashion "noble health club".

China ten bar brand NO.3, Baidu Boiling100: Baidu passion passion determination in the entertainment field bigger and stronger, vigorously implement the third generation investment and high technology and fashion culture and the formation of a bar type, "the trend of the first brand China bar entertainment industry.

Chinese ten bar brand NO.4, MUSEM2: the top bar brand, Shanghai famous brand upscale entertainment clubs, very top quality brand chain bar nightclub, the special beauty of catering management (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

China ten bar brand NO.5, LATTE: Latte Bar latte latte name concept from the world famous "Cafe Latte", the store structure of steel and wood decoration also to the maximum extent show the designer’s taste. Bar used vintage chandeliers, traditional hand carved, pure wood, a Gothic Eames style of furniture, the store all reflects a combination of fashion and classic, but also create a seemingly open secret space for consumers.

Chinese ten bar brand NO.6, a number of locust locust family, the bar was founded in 2008, is one of the most romantic group led by Ningbo station to create the trend of national chain brand CLUB. Through accurate market positioning, leading the concept of advantage, mature management mode and comprehensive technical support, bar decoration atmosphere, gorgeous fashion publicity, make home > locust

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