How to promote the development of manufacturing industry in Bazhong

in the continuous development of the economy today, a lot of urban enterprises have achieved long-term development, but in the face of the current social situation, do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is very necessary. So, how to promote the development of the manufacturing industry in Bazhong? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

eliminate backward production capacity. Intends to use 5 years in the field of cement, coal, building materials, textile and other backward enterprises 80, saving 100 thousand tons of standard coal, 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, occupies 500 acres of land, as a new industrial development of the replacement of the resources and the environment space.

building green manufacturing system. The positive development of natural gas, hydropower, wind power, to build an important base of clean energy, clean energy accounted for the city’s energy consumption accounted for more than 90%; grasp the graphite, emerging bio pharmaceutical industry development, food and beverage, building materials and other Home Furnishing accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries.

to speed up energy-saving transformation. To promote the implementation of the 50 major industrial energy-saving projects, promote tongkai energy, Nanjiang coal and a number of enterprises to speed up energy-saving system of key energy; to promote industrial energy efficiency, single energy saving transformation from local to the whole process, energy saving system.

to carry out cleaner production. In the cement, biological medicine, food and beverage, iron ore and other fields, the organization of 20 enterprises to carry out cleaner production demonstration, reduce pollutant emission intensity, promoting the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention and control to ensure implementation.

to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources. To promote the utilization of iron ore tailings, coal gangue, coal ash, construction waste and other industrial solid waste resources in depth, and strive to build the base of comprehensive utilization of resources in Nanjiang, reached more than 85% city’s industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization.

through the above information reports we can see that the city of Bazhong in promoting the development of manufacturing industry has mainly taken 5 measures include: the elimination of backward production capacity; the construction of green manufacturing system; accelerate energy-saving; cleaner production; strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources. I hope these 5 measures will be able to achieve remarkable results in the future.

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