Chongqing City, a new public space within 405 years

In the management of

during the event, the government at all levels to build a public space as an important means to support entrepreneurship. Private capital has also begun to participate in the creation of public space for the development of new small capital venture to open up a broad market.

in the public record space, not what can not! 3 years ago, the design of the Shukai Gong to start their own business, pig online orders, for enterprises to design banners, user interface, LOGO etc.. From 4 months before receiving the banner advertising design started, a single 50 yuan now, Gong Shukai the company already has more than 100 designers, the annual turnover reached 20 million yuan.

"because the pig network is a natural Small and micro businesses incubator, as long as you have free through proficiency in a particular line, venture." Pig network founder Zhu Mingyue said, the platform gathers more than 1000 thousands of very innovative services platform, 2015 turnover of nearly 7 billion 500 million yuan, a lot of people from the "other" upgrade to the studio, small businesses and even intermediate enterprises. From last year, began to build the line O2O public record space, specifically for the cultural and creative industries Small and micro businesses, to provide the public to enjoy creating office space, realize the advanced type incubator. At present, the pig eight public space has ushered in 150 enterprises settled.

"financial year of integration of not less than 200 million yuan of special funds for the development of a public space for the public record, spatial ability construction and operation performance after subsidies." Municipal Science and Technology Commission, responsible person, to encourage the kind of micro enterprises, Small and micro businesses and other innovative entrepreneurs, according to the provisions, enjoy a one-time start-up grants 2 years tax subsidies and social insurance subsidies for 1 years; investment projects in science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation issues, to advance the project subsidies or afterwards reward performance way support.

at the same time, I also for entrepreneurs to provide "technical innovation" package "package" and "environment" and other integrated services. Among them, the "packet" service, mainly through the research projects on the implementation of category management, the implementation of classification research funding allocation, scientific cultivation, scientific research platform for the implementation of the classification implementation of classification and evaluation of four major reforms, providing technical support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

"package" service mainly through science and technology, science and technology equity investment and debt financing to raise public fund-raising and other three major science and technology innovation investment and financing system, as recommended

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