Do business mouth to heart to natural customers

shop management process, many operators in order to attract customers, the service is very intimate. In fact, consumer choice is very much, if the service can make consumers satisfied, the transaction can often be achieved. A TOYOTA SUV parked in front of the tanker in my sign. Windows rolled down, the driver is often come to refuel Zhang boss. My side gas side and he learned that his team’s recent greeting from Xiangfan up the goods to Liaoning.

before leaving, Zhang boss suddenly asked me: "what time will you have negative No. 10 diesel?" I said: "now the temperature is high, negative 10 diesel has not arrived." I think he said to go to Liaoning, then said: "negative 10 diesel is not, but there are anti coagulant, the effect is not the same as the negative number 10 diesel, and very convenient, anytime, anywhere can be added."

saw Zhang boss curious eyes, I will be anti coagulant function, performance, effect, blending ratio of detail again, the economic accounts plus anti coagulant and is a plus minus 10 diesel. Zhang boss, agreed to buy 5 boxes, 1 boxes of 12 bottles.

I took him to the warehouse, see the remaining 8 FCL and 4 single bottle, then said: "you see a boss, here the goods are not many, add up to a total of 100 bottles, just 8000 yuan, will be" hair "!" Zhang boss smiled and said: "you really can speak, with your mind." In this way, I sold 100 bottles of anti coagulant.

One week after

and I got in, Zhang boss on the phone. He fully affirmed the effectiveness of anti coagulant, and I agreed time to buy 40 bottles of anti coagulant. Through the cooperation with Zhang boss, I realized that as long as the mouth to heart, to technology, will win the trust of customers.

in fact, such business skills can be applied to our various industries in the store business, such skills can become the assistant store business development. For us cigarette retailers, in the daily operation, often interrupted cigarette to consumers, try to recommend some of the same grade of cigarettes to consumers, not too much to describe the recommended cigarettes are good, just need to let consumers taste, will know whether you are satisfied with the recommended cigarette. Of course, after the satisfaction of your business will be more prosperous.

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