How to open an antique shop

in today’s people is no longer a time of national peace and order, the simple life work unceasingly, so the antique began loved by a lot of people, the market increasingly unpopular up, it will attract a lot of investors to open an antique shop. So, how to open an antique shop?

"balance era, Tibetan antiques". According to insiders, in general, want to open an antique shop must have a fixed store in order to government designated professional market for the relevant business procedures, to the collection of antiques market management office rental shops, then apply to the special operating permit to the cultural sector, the business sector to apply for business license to the tax authorities for tax registration.

antique collection market is now generally for businesses to deal with a variety of procedures, as long as you bring your ID card to go through other formalities handled by the market.

site requirements

investment antique shop has no special requirements on the site, the shop area can be small, completely according to their own investment scale and the need, but the smallest shops can not be less than 10 square meters, is too small to safe storage of antiques. In addition, the need to have a safe, all kinds of treasures, etc., the clerk must understand antique knowledge, the market management department has provided electronic security monitoring, it is best to have their own security precautions.

investment risk

although the antique industry has a very high profit margins, but experts said, the biggest risk in the antique industry do not know do not know what to purchase in the antique, antique fake have lost, but in the long term risk to zero, the short-term risk is mainly manifested in the popular antique do not understand the market, the direction of investment mistakes, but in the long term does not matter, the key lies in the economic strength and affordable, will not have too much damage.

investment estimate

insiders remind investors to invest in the best people are antique antique collectors, if we do not understand the antique and want to investors, provide technical support should antique professionals, otherwise do not * * *. General investment needs 3 million yuan, with $100 thousand investment funds can also be antique, but it will be very tired, more money can also afford the goods, do not worry, such as good buyers.

we can not deny that this is indeed lucrative market returns, as long as the proper operation, money is naturally a matter of minutes. However, this is not a small investment, we only have a strong capital, but also need to know how to identify the relevant knowledge, and also can withstand temperament, can make a real antique shop to create higher profits for themselves.

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