How much is the cost of luring ice cream

how about the ice cream? Delicious, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is the best choice. High quality ice cream to join the project selection, delicious business opportunities to make money!

passenger ice cream fully reflects the essence of Italy handmade ice cream, more natural, more fresh, more healthy, low-fat, low sugar creation concept, join the passenger ice cream, enjoying huge profits.

passenger ice cream has first-class industry resources and deep professional background and rich experience in the market, these resources once fully integrated with agent network resources, store resources and other business resources, development will produce power surging. In the headquarters support, agents directly cloned mode, has quickly become a local Draper largest number of mainstream ice cream brand.

contract within 1000 meters of the franchise business area is not within the scope of the development of the second, the agency to ensure that the region exclusive agent is responsible for all agents in the region to join the transaction. Join the headquarters will continue to launch CCTV, provincial satellite TV and prefecture level TV stations put on the line, and vigorously promote the network, luring people to become the first choice to eat ice cream ice cream.

in fact, entrepreneurial choice to join the temptation of ice cream project, the market space is very large, for those who want to venture to join the business, is a very good choice! So, what are you hesitating about?

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