Dongguan rent a desk will be able to start a business to simplify the formalities

In fact,

for the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs will simplify procedures to help people more entrepreneurial activities, and now is an era of entrepreneurship in Dongguan, in order to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is to minimize the formalities.

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The person in charge of the Duan Yanfei

"our specialty is to provide one-stop service secretary." Duan Yanfei said, for example, you here cluster after registration, company address can be written through the business center, if someone calls, we have full-time secretary receptionist, annual booking office 30 times, immediately use the configuration complete business office. For example, brand appliances used for free, secure W  i-Fi Internet and coffee, drinks and drinking water services, free use of printers, copiers, scanners, "the advantage is to get rid of old no address registration, family office, restaurant / hotel to discuss the inconvenience." The company’s biggest advantage is the Secretary of the service, before the start has been completely renovated." Director of Dongguan Dongcheng Industrial and Commercial Bureau Lu Yu said, according to the needs of entrepreneurs personalized custom furniture style service.

In fact,

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