Company name to have what function

to the company from a suitable name, not just a call it, many times, but also need the name has more features, so that it can be regarded as a successful company name. So, the company name to have what function?

company is the name of the company before the operation of an important strategy, the company is the heart of the operator, each operator hopes that the company can develop in the long run, then, to the company to take a good name is critical. A good company name, the influence of the company is extraordinary. Many friends will ask, what kind of name is considered a good name? Pull together to look at the six focus of the company’s name, a name for the company’s icing on the cake!

company first to have the identification function.

is easy to identify a good name should have the most basic functions. We are for the company trademark name, to truly create new styles, not sticking to formalities, personalized naming. For example, Hangzhou Minsheng Group production of "21 gold for him" the product of brand naming reflects the times have great originality, fully functional, quality.

a five word ingenious, profound meaning, to "twenty-first Century similar products must go to him with a unique and creative, it is thanks to the trademark cultural products," 21 Jin He "in a wink in China" well-known trademarks become talent shows itself ".

name only with the identification function, to enable consumers in many enterprises will soon be resolved; conversely, if the same name or are too similar, in the propaganda will be due to the lack of fresh and not easily noticeable, thus losing the meaning of a name. Registration in foreign countries, there may be a collision with others was rejected.

company to have the function of the name.

is right and proper Chinese always seek the truth. As the exclusive symbol of things, only accurately reflect the characteristics of things, in order to let a person know what to sell in order to correctly guide the consumer. Such as "nvergong", "Beijing Erguotou", highlighting the characteristics of traditional manufacturing process; "one life" to highlight the characteristics of products is as precious as life.

European United Aircraft Building Corporation Airbus aircraft, highlighting the characteristics of its internal form and purpose; "tokuhon" is a Japanese ointment for the treatment of pain disease paste name, highlighting the characteristics of pain relief effectiveness of treatment. According to the characteristics of the product name of the consumer information, it may lead to the desire to buy.

company name to have convenient function.

A basic requirement of

memoriable is its name, "

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