ABA how to ensure food safety of tourists

With the continuous improvement of the living standard, the tourism industry has achieved a great development in

. But in a lot of scenic spots, there has been a serious problem of management disorders. The problem of food safety has been emerging, which has caused a great deal of trouble to the tourism consumers. So, how to ensure the food safety of ABA tourists?

to protect the safety of tourists, since April 25, the State Food and Drug Administration in the state to carry out a period of two months of tourist attractions catering food safety special inspection, the results are obvious.

one is to carry out publicity and training. The brigade involved 1846 catering units preach a new "food safety law", "Sichuan province tourism catering food safety management approach" and other laws and regulations, enhance the legal awareness of law-abiding business training, catering staff 4263 people.

two is the main responsibility for the implementation of food safety. State Food and Drug Administration joint tourism law enforcement agencies and Tourism along the township, urging travel agencies involved in food and beverage to carry out self-examination, food safety responsibility signed. A statewide tourism catering training collective interviews, to further implement the responsibility of enterprises.

is the three counties to carry full coverage check. The county food law enforcement officers within the jurisdiction of the involved brigade Gaestgiveriet Hotel, restaurants, fast food shops, liquor stores, agriculture and animal husbandry Kellogg food safety supervision and inspection, and investigation of food safety hazards.

four is vigorously promote the bright kitchen stoves work. Increase mobilization propaganda, transformation efforts, and strive to implement the basic implementation of the year more than 300 large scenic spots restaurants, restaurants, bright kitchen stoves transformation project.

five is to strengthen multi sectoral joint supervision. 3-5 months, the State Food and drug administration, the State Tourism Commission and other departments of the inspection team two times, in Jiuzhaigou, Songpan, 21 key scenic Blackwater and other tourism related catering units to carry out supervision, inspection and supervision responsibilities in County bureau.

the special inspection, the State Inspection Brigade dispatched 2571 passengers, involving 2942 catering units to check full coverage; ordered rectification 279, filing 9, closed Tibet farmhouse 2, confiscated substandard beef more than 400 pounds, a fine of 109 thousand yuan.


, ABA in ensuring food safety on tourists, adopted mainly includes 5 major measures: to carry out publicity and training, implement the main responsibility for food safety, the county to carry full coverage check, and vigorously promote the "bright bright kitchen stove", strengthen multi sectoral joint inspection, we hope that these measures can get good effect for the ABA local food safety.

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