Hangzhou to create a pragmatic attitude to innovation heights

in the past ten years, Hangzhou has been trying to build itself as an innovative technology cradle, and continue to change their entrepreneurial way, showing a new entrepreneurial heights should be a new attitude.

arena a piece of blood, creating the leading position.

Hangzhou West of Yuhang, "the world is ali". Hangzhou to the south of Binjiang, is the headquarters of NetEase". Hangzhou southwest, in Fuyang District of Dongzhou, a planning area of 500 acres, 1 billion 300 million yuan investment in industrial park has been fully equipped for investors, Jingdong. The extension of 30 km from north to Fuyang, Baidu’s first branch in Hangzhou announced the establishment of the near future, has signed a settled Xixi membership". The adjacent is a few months ago, the grand opening of the Hangzhou Tencent business base.

bigwigs in droves, the makers of Hangzhou and Beijing, has been raging like a storm, Shanghai, Shenzhen, ranked one of the four domestic venture. Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of statistics released 2015 Hangzhou economic "year-end report" shows that last year, the Hangzhou market is increasing rapidly, the city’s new business registration number 6.3, an increase of 17.6%; the newly established 71 thousand and 600 individual industrial and commercial households. The growth of these enterprises and industrial and commercial households, more than 90% are engaged in the service industry, Hangzhou is a new growth point into the trillion dollar club and new momentum for future development. The city, which was originally a world famous city in West Lake, is now being displayed in front of the world with a new image of a pioneering highland.

Follow in the footsteps of the successful

from the more recent success;

"Beijing entrepreneurial atmosphere is really good, but the price of Hangzhou talent first-tier cities Beijing Shanghai high Internet talent, my partner, chief technology officer is to resign from ali. Here the office cost is relatively low, I am in Xihu District Wantang road rental office every day, less than three yuan per square meter, in Beijing, so lots of at least five or six yuan a square meters, the cost is too large. Start-up companies are relatively difficult, every penny needs to be spent on the blade, so it is still signed to choose to register in Hangzhou." Wan Min said.

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