WeChat marketing should also bring feelings

is also marketing, who is from the consumer’s perspective, the real consumers consider more complete, and some people are starting directly from the product point of how, which a business would fire? In fact, now micro business market has shown such two states. Micro business more and more in the circle of friends, all kinds of goods are often recommended Shuabing, I finally determined to clean up be pestered beyond endurance, a. Cleaning process, I found that the same micro business, but some people are not objectionable. Why, they are more emotional marketing than others.

there is a sale of homemade lipstick girl, she is not a day Shuabing recommended products, but with the record of life. Occasionally made a few photos of lipstick, because with the beautiful text, people feel that she is really doing things in the heart.

There is a

to do the purchasing of micro business, every time the release of information goods, she will be a relatively objective analysis or process of purchasing goods, she reflects the customer point of view on the practice, it is easy to produce a sense of trust for her.

imagine, only cold product pictures and text description, how can you expect customers interested in the fingertips? In the face of the commodity customers usually want a superb collection of beautiful things, spend the least time and effort to get the most suitable. As the micro business, must understand the customer’s mind, meet the emotional needs of customers to provide quality goods at the same time, stick with the feelings of the customer.

WeChat is not just a micro business will use the tool, in the current marketing era, it has also been the concern of more businesses. Today, many retail customers to expand the business to WeChat, which is indeed a good way to promote business. However, I hope you shop in the emotional marketing to spend some thought, with the truth to win the trust of customers, really do business.

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