Open the advantage of fresh fruit juice shop

what kind of projects are popular in the beverage industry? That is, of course, juice drinks shop, because fresh juice squeezed out of health, and now people’s consumption concept to health based, as long as it is able to bring full health is the first choice for people’s consumption. So open a fresh fruit juice shop is a good choice.

fresh fruit juice shop the main advantages are the following three points:

young people love to drink

see a Fresh Juice store, watermelon, mango, pitaya and other fresh fruit juice drink can, price of 6 yuan in 10 yuan. Although the price is slightly expensive, but did not stop the pace of young people.


fresh juice profit is relatively large. For example, watermelon juice rate of 80%, apple juice rate of 70%, etc., a pound of watermelon can be a cup of 400 ml of juice. How much is a pound of watermelon, a glass of juice can sell at least 8 yuan. Of course, there’s no need to get that good. Wholesale market, 2, 3 pounds of apples, can be used as raw materials. Profit per month will be a few thousand dollars, but now fresh juice by the public welcome.

low cost

A cup of mango

and pitaya Fresh Juice, 400 ml, selling price 10 yuan, the cost of raw materials as long as 3 yuan, 5 yuan. Stores in the downtown business district, so the early decoration, rent, equipment, labor, etc., with a total investment of more than eighty thousand yuan. But the huge profits of the month will come back soon.

can be seen from the above analysis on juice shop is a business, if you still have what other aspects of the franchise information to know, please see our website in the comments below, the message we will contact with you in the first time.

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